What does an SIP provider do?

VoIP (Free VoIP Calls) has become most popular among business, users at home and community of tech at large. Each organization defines it in different ways. “Sip Provider” is one of the phrases, which is not clearly defined. The VoIP industry is so expanded that anyone using or providing voice calls through the internet are also called Sips Providers. But let’s look at various services offered by sip providers:

Providing Sip address

Unlike email service, anyone giving Sip address is called as Sip provider. The involvement of sip providers is bit complex as compared with email. The messages in the email are received as asynchronously, that means you’re not required to be online to receive a message from someone. But to complete a voice or video calls you need to be in the system when the call appears. So it means that you require software on your computer so as to communicate with sip providers, to let them know you’re available. Sip clients are similar to email clients in nature. Google has integrated the software with Gmail in the browser, even though Sip address is not provided by Google Voice.

Services forwarded to a Sip Address

Having a sip address is being a major problem is that unless everyone holds, there is no point in retaining it.  For instance, you are an only user having email ID, whereas others are still communicating with letters. But innovative providers have found a new way to it. In the above instance if you are given a token address and for which any correspondence specified to that address will be mailed to your email ID. It’s like having a physical address where you can still utilize your email ID.

In the same manner, some companies offer you Free Sip, like IPKall offer free US phone number. In such case, any calls made from that number are forwarded to sip address whichever you retain it. Thus you can make free calls through the internet by any phone. This is the magic of Sip Protocol.

What Is SIP? , The definition of Sip provider will be changing but the flexibility in technology is a key to success in providing unique services.